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Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment (RJCE)

The Amalgamation of 2, 6 diamino- 3, 5-dinitropyridine from Direct Nitration Response of 2, 6 diamino pyridine in Various Temperature Conditions by Thickness Practical Hypothesis

By, Moatassem Billah, Idris Abdullah, Journal ID: RJCE-18-12-2019-2
(This article belongs to Vol - 12, Issue - 02)

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In this article, amalgamation of the dangerous 2, 6 (diamino) 3, 5 dinitro pyridine (ANPY) of the immediate nitration response of 2, 6 diamino pyridine in various states of temperature, with thickness practical hypothesis strategy were contemplated. For this reason, from the outset the material contained in the two sides of response were geometrically advanced, at that point the count of the thermodynamic parameters performed on every one of them. The measure of ∆H, ∆S and ∆G of this response at various temperatures in type of entirety of parameters disparity in the items than reactants is acquired lastly, the best temperature for the combination of dangerous as indicated by the got thermodynamic parameters were assessed.

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